Death Steppe

Death Steppe by Judy Bruce


My World War II novel takes place during Germany’s retreat from western Soviet Union. My story follows the lives of a Russian war widow, a dissident, Christian, and black marketeer, as she serves as a medic on the front lines, and a disillusioned German lieutenant and former concentration camp officer, as he fights in a losing effort. After our heroine is forced into service as a navigator in a women’s air force regiment, flying plywood and canvas biplanes in harrowing night missions, she encounters the injured yet violent German when her plane crashes. Together they embark on a turbulent journey, first as enemies, later as lovers and disheartened deserters. Read more about Death Steppe here.

NOW AVAILABLE from Merriam Press at major online retailers.

Yay! The novel is available in hardcover, trade paperback, and ebook formats.

The novel should be available in time for remembrance of Memorial Day, D-Day, and Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941.

A special thank you to my daughter, Jenny, who graduated with honors as a literature major. I’m so fortunate to have someone who can put my stories through the editing grinder and make them better.

“A stirring historical novel that plumbs the depths of war for the possibilities of love….Written in a wise, often poetical prose….An epic portrayal of a romance born out of the rubble of World War II.”–Kirkus Reviews.

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“Visually, Death Steppe would be a great film to watch. The historical setting is vibrantly described and Judy Bruce’s well-developed characters are the best I’ve read so far. They are well-fleshed out and their emotions vividly resonate from start to finish….Bruce nailed the pace and plot of the story. The page-turning quality had me simply wanting to read on…”–Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews.

“Bruce beautifully captures the brutal landscape of war while weaving in the effects upon humanity and individuals. It was sometimes dark, sometimes beautiful, and at times incredibly suspenseful.”–Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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