Lies in the Wind

In the fifth story, two Dexter residents die in an apparent murder-suicide. Sensing great evil, Megan seeks the truth. When another murder occurs, Megan and the police understand the mortal danger to others, including a young autistic.

Meanwhile, Megan’s love life falls apart. Again. With the help of Edgar Allan Poe, she uncovers fraud, betrayal, and lies, thereby exposing  the killer, and forcing a fight for survival. Again.

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Here are a few REVIEWS–

Megan Docket is an iconic character who is not only a successful attorney but also a woman who loves riding her horse, Strider, and cruising in her Acura SUV she named Barracuda. She is well off enough to afford a housekeeper, Patty Light Horse, a Native American Lakota Indian. As much as she tries to enjoy life, she is also haunted by a couple other murders that took place in her past. Now she has two new murders to deal with in her small hometown situated in the western plains of Nebraska. Although this is book 5 of the Wind Series, Judy Bruce provides enough backstory in “Lies in the Wind” to allow you to enjoy her new book without being lost because you hadn’t read the previous books from the Wind Series.

“Lies in the Wind” is a murder mystery with just enough romance sprinkled in it to give it a real down to earth feel. This novel is evenly paced and is a well-written whodunit. Bruce covers all her bases on this one keeping the reader involved, tracing over the clues and the characters woven into the story. Bruce will keep you guessing who the killers and if Megan Docket will be able to prove the guilt of the real murderer? The mix of deduction, intuition, and well, quiddity kept the pages turning. I just could not wait to see what happened next. So if you’re up for a “who done it” with a little Western/American Indian twist you could easily get hooked with this latest in Judy Bruce’s Wind Series. You can rest assured you will not be able to set it down.  —AuthorsReading


Megan is back in the latest installment of the Wind series and this time, she gets some assistance from the brilliant Edgar Allan Poe. Megan knows something evil is in her town, she can feel it in her bones. Not sure where or who, she calls her friends and family together. She shares her feeling and everyone in the room knows trouble is brewing. When a murder-suicide takes place to a husband-wife Docket Law client, Megan goes and investigates. Sinister evil assaults her senses from the moment she enters the house. The saddest part is the couple’s autistic son who can’t comprehend what’s happened to his parents. 

As Megan investigates, she unravels a long family feud, many possible suspects with a fairly large inheritance on the line. Megan, though, is taking precautions so as to not get gutted and possibly killed. But as the suspects narrow, she must enlist the help of Poe to uncover the murderer before it’s too late. Will she succeed or will her heart beat no more? I’m a huge fan of the Wind series and this one is by far, the best! Judy Bruce pushes Megan, already reeling from the loss of her unborn child and many other lives, to the very limit and we’re left to watch as Megan picks up the pieces. Emotional roller coaster wrapped up in a brutal double-murder is the crux of Lies in the Wind. While there was quite a bit more characters to keep straight, it added to the depth of the mystery and I enjoyed trying to figure it out before Megan did. An edge of your seat thriller with a flawed female protagonist who puts her life on the line to help solve the crimes in her town. Highly recommend! –NN Light Book Heaven


Bruce (Fire in the Wind, 2017, etc.) keeps up a crackling pace in her fifth Docket novel, helping the reader keep track of a large cast through good exposition and a cast list. Megan’s psychic abilities help nudge her in the right direction but aren’t overly convenient, giving her room to demonstrate her lawyerly and investigative chops. As with the previous novels, Megan’s personality interestingly blends compassion and practicality. She’ll kill if she has to but pleads with God, “Please don’t let me be evil.” A few clever surprises keep readers guessing with a satisfying outcome. Another fine series entry, featuring a well-rounded heroine whose psychic abilities are just some of her gifts. –Kirkus Reviews