Fire in the Wind

Outraged by a cross burning on her land, Megan forms the Night Posse then strikes back. Meanwhile, she is saddened by the tragic illness of her dear friend, James. After her new boyfriend is killed, she is jailed for his murder. Later she fights to the death in the darkness against revenge. An undercover cop pursues her. When a dying James attempts to end his life, Megan is forced to act.

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Ray Simmons for Readers Favorite:

I am in awe of Judy Bruce. I am almost as much in awe of Megan, the protagonist of Fire in the Wind. But I keep reminding myself that Megan is a fictional character and Judy is the real live writer who created her. It’s hard sometimes because Megan felt so real to me. This is a woman I’d love to have as a friend. This is a woman I’d love to sit down and have a drink with. This is a person that I’d call on if I needed someone to watch my back. I loved Fire in the Wind. I plan to read it again and again in the hope of learning something about how to craft a tight compelling story. That is some of the highest praise I can give a writer and Judy Bruce deserves it. I started reading Fire in the Wind and I couldn’t stop. Everything about it is compelling. Judy Bruce is the real thing.

I liked everything about Fire in the Wind but what stuck out first were the characters. I have met people just like them in my hometown, or while serving in the Army, or in other small towns across America. That Judy Bruce describes them so well made the story real for me. I also liked the diversity of this town. Some people give diversity a bad name sometimes, but this is the America I see today. It didn’t seem that diverse when I was a kid, but after traveling around as a young man, this is the America I see. I think it’s important for writers to see it and show it too. The plot is great. It starts with a bang and it’s a race to the finish line. I wish I could pace a story so well. Read this book. Read this writer.

Fire in the Wind by Judy Bruce is a suspenseful story about Megan Docket. Megan is an attorney in Nebraska who lives anything but a quiet small town existence. Dexter, Nebraska is home to Megan and her family-and a variety of criminals. Megan seems to be enthralled in several adventures and happenings in her life. There is a cross burning on her land, really good friend suffering health issues, a divorce and a dead boyfriend. One tragedy after another finds Megan right in the heart of them all. There is murder, mayhem and fighting. A very well written suspenseful account of the daily happenings in Megan’s Life. Fire in the Wind will keep you reading from page one and riveted to Megan and the Situations in her life. Megan is a young woman, but has endured and is enduring many tragedies along the road of life. Bruce not only writes an action filled book, but one that also has lots of relationships and emotions. Bruce is masterful in bringing her characters right into the realm of the reader and keeps them there. You will want to sit with Fire in the Wind from page one and not put it down until the last page. A very good read!!!


Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite:

Fire In the Wind is the fourth book in the Wind series by Judy Bruce. Megan Docket is an attorney in a small town. She is not new to violence and fighting for her life; she has learnt the hard way. Although she is not even thirty yet, she is already on the way to being divorced, has broken up with a boyfriend, and her life is becoming a mess very quickly. Her life takes a very difficult turn when she finds out that someone tried to break into her room, and she barely has time to be outraged when she finds a burning cross on her property.

She has a strong feeling that something is wrong and there is not much that she can do about it. Her personal life is going down the drain. With her divorce just days away from being finalized, her personal life is at a standstill, and now this is happening. What can she do when there is something sinister and unwanted happening around her? Is this something that she can fight? Or is this it? Is this is the end of her life?

Fire In the Wind is perhaps one of the best and most engaging novels I have read this year. I love a novel with a strong female lead. Megan was the perfect lead, and she is strong, resilient, and ready to take charge of the situation whenever it is needed. Judy Bruce did an amazing job with creating these characters and this storyline. The story is fast paced and fully developed, there were no loopholes and no loose ends. This was a really entertaining novel, one that I will not forget any time soon. Wonderful!


Women Connect Online:

Though the title to Judy Bruce’s Wind Series book changes the book cover does not change. Letting the reader easily identify that this book is part of series. Excellent marketing tactic listing the other books that are part of the “Wind” series at the beginning of the book. Judy Bruce writing has a sense of humour you will find yourself laughing at the dry humour throughout the book.

The main character Megan’s role changes throughout the book series, in this series she taps more into her psychic abilities that she calls her gut feeling when she is dealing with conflict. Again she finds herself put in a role as a vigilante. Sometimes relying on the law is not enough, she herself avenges and conquers the evil people that has invaded her small town.

We emotionally identify and relate to Megan as she is haunted by her now tragic past. This book is well written, full of romance, suspense, mystery and adventure. She has had three stunning men in her life and she is torn between them. Megan is a role model, a highly successful respected lawyer, who like a private eye solves difficult cases. She is financially independent, has a love for animals, a true warrior who is gutsy and tough.

As a teen I was a great fan of Nancy Drew, this series reminds me of the adult version of the Nancy Drew series because it is fast paced and chapter to chapter keeps me in suspense. I find myself rereading the other books in the series. Like the Nancy Drew series, this is a series that you will keep as a collectable. As you get to know Megan more, you will find yourself sharing this book with your sister, daughter or girlfriend. You will find yourself impatiently waiting for the next series to learn more. The “Wind” series would definitely make a great TV series.

You can learn more about Judy Bruce and her writing by going to her website, Amazon and other retailers.


Reviewed By Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite:     

Megan Docket, an attorney in the small town of Dexter, Nebraska, is surrounded by loving family and friends – and dangerous criminals. Finding a burning cross was the beginning of a frightening adventure in Fire in the Wind by Judy Bruce. Although Megan has not yet celebrated her thirtieth birthday, she has already lived a life full of harrowing moments and tragic deaths. She is no stranger to defending her own life, and has found herself killing others in self-defense. Days before her divorce from Brian is finalized, she is breaking up with boyfriend Zane and has two other men fighting for her affections. At the same time, she is grieving the effects of a major stroke on her great friend, James, a man who was like a father to her.

This book engages the reader from the first page to the last. It is full of thrilling action, and numerous twists and turns. There is also a plethora of deep emotions, as Megan has had so many personal and professional challenges to endure. And, the main character also is a finely-tuned intuitive, as she frequently receives premonitions of events that come true. Author Judy Bruce developed an intriguing story through her highly-skilled writing in Fire in the Wind. Her writing is fast-paced, clear and concise. This is the fourth book in the Wind series; there are enough references to Megan’s earlier adventures that the reader will want to read the first three, if s/he has not already done so. This book is definitely a breathtaking, adventurous tale!