Cries in the Wind

In the third story, Megan learns of the tragedy of two women killed in 1968 on recently acquired Docket property. As she begins her pursuit of the truth behind the murders, she summons the help of close family and friends. But her gang discovers the murdered mother and daughter were never found. The investigation reveals the murderer must have used an accomplice, and the convicted killer may not be guilty.

The investigation focuses on the involved families, relying heavily on the people and police alive at the time of the murders for information. Megan finds out that her father came under suspicion and was never officially absolved of complicity. As the pregnant Megan nears the truth, she and her crew become endangered by the killer. When Megan persists, she faces disastrous consequences.

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 Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite:

Book Three in the Wind Series, Cries in the Wind by Judy Bruce, is a story that is really difficult to put down, even for a moment, a compelling, investigative story fraught with many surprises. This time, Megan is pregnant and she has her own secrets, but she can’t walk past two unsolved murders that took place in the past. Determined to find the truth, she is disturbed by the presence of two shadowy characters that could be as deadly as they are unforgiving. Teamed with friends and family, Megan hopes to uncover the truth about the murders of two local women, but will she? And what if the price of the truth is more painful than discovering it?

The story begins with very interesting facts, some kind of confession from the protagonist and features the level of internal conflict she has to deal with. The characters, the plot lines and themes are powerful enough to make readers want to check out anything Bruce will write. Crafted to feature intense action and huge conflict, Cries in the Wind isn’t without frequent moments that leave a smile on the reader’s face. The humor, somewhat subtle, permeates the entire work, and it reads fast and enjoyably.

Judy Bruce is the kind of writer with a voice readers will adore – clear and utterly engaging. The author has the gift of the first person narrative and the reader feels irresistibly drawn into the story. The POV comes across well, and there is a rare clarity in the story that is uncommon with many writers using a similar style of narrative. The prose is simple yet strong, flowing with potent images that will stay with readers for a long, long time.


Reviewed by Hilary Hawkes for Readers’ Favorite:

Cries in the Wind by Judy Bruce is the story of senior law partner Megan’s investigation into the murders of two women decades before, and her untangling of puzzling events that impacts her own family and personal life too. Two families, the Quinns and the Bolgers, a father in prison, a piece of land that holds a terrible secret, accusations of rape, lies, revenge and danger – pregnant Megan enlists the help of her family and trusted friends to uncover the truth. All the while she deals with her at times alarming sensitivity to atmospheric messages from the past. But what sort of danger has the brave and unstoppable Megan stumbled into and can she keep herself and her unborn child safe from those who would prevent her from finding the true killer?

Judy Bruce’s Cries in the Wind is a well-written and fast moving story with many characters. Back stories and past events are explained so we see how each impacts the plot and how all the different threads of the story weave together. Megan is a likable, brave and gutsy character and I felt drawn into her situation from the start. Danger, mystery and red herrings abound as some alarming and tragic events unfold. I liked the way Megan gradually and unwittingly closes in on the truth and the way the author builds the tension to a most intense and unexpected point. Judy Bruce uses the plot well to convey the motivations behind actions, and we see how, despite some desperate and atrocious covering up tactics, truth has a way of outing in the end. An insightful story about the consequences of secrets and betrayal, and the impact tragedy can have on individuals.

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Reader’s Favorite:

Judy Bruce’s investigative mystery/legal thriller, Cries in the Wind: Wind Series, #3, is a fascinating look at how cold crime investigations are conducted and, hopefully, solved. Attorney Megan Docket is thorough and painstaking in her zeal to clear both Walt and her own father, who had had no alibi during the time the murders took place. The War Room she and her fellow investigators turn her study into could very well fit into any police or FBI office investigating a crime, which pleased the police procedural fan in me no end. While this is the third book in Bruce’s Wind Series, the author includes enough background information to allow this book to be enjoyed on its own. I soon found myself involved in the story and feeling right at home with the cast of characters and the locale. Megan’s wastelands where she and the other kids in the area grew up playing in and exploring are fascinating, and I couldn’t resist Googling the area to see for myself the natural environs this compelling read has for its setting. I was very impressed by Cries in the Wind and am looking forward to reading more of Judy Bruce’s Wind Series. This mystery with elements of a legal thriller and a police procedural all rolled up into one neat plot is most highly recommended.