Voices in the Wind

Amid the desolate, windblown, harsh land of the pioneer, American Indian, and cowboy, a young attorney accepts a job at her imperious father’s law firm, which forces her to confront tragedies old and new, and leads her into a harrowing fight for survival and the transformation that brings forgiveness and a new perspective.

Along the way, my heroine, Megan, must deal with a crooked attorney, a tornado, lots of root beer, a blond stud, voices in the wind, heartbreak, a lunatic with a shotgun, delicious pastries, isolation, and a lifetime of lies.

Even in adulthood, the rugged High Plains of western Nebraska stirs a strange yearning in Megan, as she deals with the pressures of a law firm and a new love, and attempts to unravel the haunting mystery surrounding her mother. Meanwhile, a disturbed neighbor seeks vengeance against Megan and her friend, driving them into the darkness of the rough land in a test of her wits, fortitude, and resourcefulness. Ultimately, her greatest challenge is to forgive.

Although the story is far from autobiographical, I did graduate from Creighton University School of Law in Omaha, I did play point guard at a Nebraska high school, and I am half Arab Christian and half Celtic (well, I’m Welsh). Whether I am a descendant of pirates is debatable, though my lack of height is without question.


“Judy Bruce does an excellent job of describing small town life in Nebraska. From the way town gossip spreads to the way people judge others plays an integral part in Voices in the Wind, as does the harm secrets can cause a family. Megan is portrayed as a smart, strong young woman who instills confidence in others. She is compassionate and spiritual, and yet at the same time, she excels as a hard-nosed bulldog of an attorney. Her supporting cast is varied, and each cast member has a strong personality. Bruce has a unique voice. She is an expert at setting the scene and creating memorable characters. The plot is clear and entertaining, and the back story is believable and adds value. Overall, I felt drawn to my own down-home roots after reading Voices in the Wind.”–Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

“With a touch of spiritual awareness, Megan’s story will capture the reader….It is Megan’s journey of self-discovery, but Bruce also weaved in mystery and a little suspense to this contemporary story….Bruce added twists, turns and conflict all while keeping the story realistic and allowing Megan to grow.”–Caffeinated Book Reviewer

“Returning home to join her father’s law practice, a young Nebraska woman uncovers long-kept secrets in this novel tinged with thriller, supernatural, and romance elements. Bruce offers an appealing hero in Megan, whose tough practicality belies her small size….Bruce uses her setting well, bringing out the spooky beauty of a place most would see as barren….[and] established Megan as a well-prepared fighter ready to meet every problem with head, heart, or fists. Hero and setting make a great match in this entertaining story.”–Kirkus Reviews


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Alone in the Wind, the second book in the Wind series is now available at online book retailers.





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